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Sustainable Fashion 2023: Deborah Lindquist's Eco Vacation Getaway

Deborah Lindquist vacation getaway eco fashion collection

In a sea of sameness, where one collection often seems indistinguishable from the next, Deborah Lindquist’s "Vacation Getaway Collection" stands out as a breath of fresh, sustainable air. Beyond just aesthetic appeal, this collection carries with it a story, a mission, and a legacy that is Lindquist’s hallmark. It's a curated fusion of sustainable, organic, and recycled fabrics that offers not just style but a statement.

Imagine stepping into a studio bathed in a mesmerizing spectrum of rainbow light. This natural spectacle unexpectedly reimagined the flow of a recent editorial shoot for the collection. Nature, as always, generously sprinkled her magic.

The collection unveils with a touch of sparkle and elegance. The spotlight is cast on both long and short-sleeved Bomber Jackets, which are intricately fashioned from unique fabrications: sequin, beaded and sequin lace, metallic silk organza, and the ethereal peace silk. Each jacket, with its zip front and lined finish, promises more than just style—it's a statement of luxury and sophistication, seamlessly blending with the sustainable essence of Lindquist's vision. Whether you're stepping out on a balmy evening or just need an exquisite layer for those cooler moments, these bombers are your answer to eco-chic.

Dhoti Pant

The allure of the Dhoti Pant in this collection cannot be overstated. Deborah's rendition is an elegant reimagination of the traditional Indian folk costume. Crafted from luxurious silk charmeuse, its design boasts an easy-fit elastic waist, a gathered waistline, and tapered narrow ankles.

This pant is as versatile as it is stylish. During the daytime, pair it with slides for a relaxed yet chic look. As night falls, elevate the ensemble with heels, embracing an essence of evening glam.

The Marion Slipdress is a radiant display of understated luxury. Crafted in a shimmering pink gold, this metallic silk organza piece is a dance of light and elegance. Delicate adjustable spaghetti straps cater to comfort without compromising allure, while the silk lining ensures the dress softly drapes the contours of the body. From daytime elegance to nighttime sophistication, the Marion Slipdress is a versatile testament to feminine grace.

Delving deeper into the collection, Lindquist’s Kimono Robes capture the imagination. Merging traditional Japanese aesthetics with eco-conscious design, these robes come to life in limited edition silk chiffon prints. Of particular note are the ethereal Dali floral and Beaded Floral designs. With their flowing silhouettes and arresting patterns, they are perfect as standalone statement pieces or layered atop other items from the collection. A celebration of nature and sustainable artistry, these robes resonate with Lindquist’s ethos.

The Britt Bodysuit is a limited edition, one-piece marvel in modal/spandex. As part of Lindquist's dedication to eco-consciousness, this bodysuit falls under the deadstock fabric category. These end-of-roll fabrics, spared from potential destruction or landfill, serve as a testament to Lindquist's vision of turning waste into wearable art.

Adding to the bodysuit lineup is the Anna Bodysuit, a long-sleeved creation in cotton/spandex. Like the Britt, the Anna bodysuit finds its roots in the deadstock fabric category, championing Lindquist's ethos of sustainable elegance.

The collection takes a playful turn with the introduction of Retro Briefs, heralding the trendy "no pants" look. Especially captivating as part of a swim ensemble, they pair impeccably with the Britt bodysuit or under one of Lindquist’s kimono robes. These briefs come in limited edition and one-of-a-kind offerings, also open for custom requests, offering wearers a touch of exclusivity.

Completing this segment is the Lydia Crochet Leggings, designed with meticulous detail in cotton/spandex. These ankle-length leggings feature an intricate crochet pattern running down both legs, paired with a wide self-waistband for a seamless silhouette when layered. Mirroring the bodysuits, the Lydia leggings belong to the limited edition range in Lindquist's deadstock fabric collection, epitomizing her commitment to sustainability.

Dive further into the collection, and the Amy Parachute Skirt captivates. A dramatic half-circle ensemble with a drawstring waistband, Amy draws inspiration from Lindquist's beloved Amelia skirt. Crafted from retired military parachutes, these skirts not only boast a lightweight and breezy nature but also underscore the brand's commitment to vegan and upcycled materials.

Complementing the ethereal vibe is the Elinor Flutter Front Jacket. Feminine, with a fitted body, long sleeves, and a charming flutter front, this jacket serves as an ideal layer for cooler evenings. Just like the Amy skirt, the fabric's origin is the retired military parachutes.

Lastly, introducing a sprinkle of glitz, the Sequin Bias Skirt captures attention. This sequin variant adds a generous dose of sparkle, especially notable in the a/b (aurora borealis) iridescent white hue.

Lacy t shirt

Before we head into the romantic wedding offerings, there's the airy Lacy T Shirt. A refined variation of the basic Alina high/low t-shirt from Lindquist’s Green Queen Tops collection, this short-sleeved t-shirt is crafted from cotton and Chantilly lace, featuring a high/low hemline. It's not just about elegance and comfort; the Lacy T-shirt is a limited offering in Lindquist's sustainable deadstock fabric category, emphasizing the brand's commitment to preventing potential fabric waste.

The Rosette Bustier and the Flora Skirt make their entrance. The Rosette bustier, a caged design with a ribbon floral bodice, showcases its versatility, transitioning from bridal to special occasion when paired with high-waist pants. The Flora skirt, embellished with ribbon floral designs, transitions effortlessly from bridal to a day to evening look, especially when combined with the Lacy t-shirt.

Ending on a truly romantic note, Lindquist's bridal wear from the Vacation Getaway Collection is nothing short of dreamy. Organic fabrics merge with intricate detailing, resulting in wedding outfits that align with Lindquist’s mission of sustainable fashion without compromising on style.

For all the beautiful designs and intricate detailing in the collection, we owe our heartfelt appreciation not only to Deborah Lindquist but also to her team, who, with unparalleled dedication, have brought this vision to life. The "Vacation Getaway Collection" isn’t merely about fashion; it’s about a movement. It stands as an emblem of how sustainability can be integrated seamlessly into our everyday lives, from the clothes we wear to the choices we make.

So, the next time you're looking for a statement piece that speaks volumes not just about your fashion sense, but also about your commitment to the planet, you know where to look. Here's to more eco-conscious choices and making every day a sustainable fashion day!

Photo Editorial Team Credits:

Model: Emma Scott @embodiedbyemma Photo Credits: Jenn Spain @jennspainphotography

Makeup & Hair: Christen Hiller @artistry4life

Shoes: Babos @mybabos_



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