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An intimate guide to fabulous living for the modern woman. Featuring exquisite finds, expert insights, curated content & premium experiences.

Hello, Fabulous You!

Welcome to Featuring Fabulous Living, where we celebrate the magic found in everyday moments and offer exclusive opportunities to connect, discover, and thrive.

Immerse yourself in our curated content and explore stylish beauty routines, trendy style insights, uplifting wellness journeys, and vibrant hues of life — from tasty culinary experiences and home decor highlights to candid stories of love and friendship. We also showcase brands that echo your values of luxury, sustainability, and authenticity, along with our handpicked list of 'fabulous finds.'

In addition to our curated content, we've created two extraordinary spaces for you to connect with like-minded individuals and elevate your life to new heights: our Social Circle and Virtual Oasis.

The Social Circle is an exclusive community for ambitious women in business, including visionary entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and industry trailblazers in Los Angeles. We offer carefully curated in-person events designed to inspire, transform, and foster deep connections. From intimate gatherings with renowned thought leaders to immersive workshops that ignite your passions, every event is an opportunity to forge lasting relationships and celebrate the art of fabulous living together.

Our Virtual Oasis provides a global platform for personal growth and connection, extending beyond the borders of LA. Engage in thought-provoking webinars, interactive workshops, and lively discussions that will broaden your perspectives and help you cultivate a more vibrant, fulfilling life, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our stories stretch beyond the typical, celebrating true trendsetters, tastemakers, and influencers. These are visionaries, ambitious entrepreneurs, and standout individuals making a meaningful impact in society. We focus on authentic stories, rich with drive and heart.

Think of us as your ever-curious, always-inspired friend who's continuously discovering and sharing the joys and highlights of fabulous living, while also providing exclusive opportunities to discover, connect, and thrive.


Cheers to a life well-lived, well-loved, and filled with fabulous connections!


Alina Fridman

Founder & Creative Director


To champion the exquisite moments in every day, we unite those who dare to dream with those who dare to do, celebrating individuality. Through our curated content, vibrant community, and transformative events, we light the fire of curiosity, encouraging our members to explore the wonders of the world and the depths within themselves. Our mission? To create a platform where ambitious women in business can discover, connect, and thrive, crafting lives that are not just lived, but truly and fabulously felt.

Featuring Fabulous is owned & operated by Featuring Fabulous Media.

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