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How to Refresh Your Wardrobe and Define Your Style: Tips from Stylist Mary Komick

Mary Komick Fashion Stylist
Photo by Angelica Marie

Ah, the transformative allure of style! It's more than just pieces of fabric and threads entwined together; it's the poetry of self-expression, the brushstrokes of our very own masterpiece called 'individuality.' In a world bedazzled by fleeting trends and the humdrum of daily routines, one extraordinary stylist is artfully crafting more than just outfits – she's sculpting confidence, boosting careers, and weaving dreams. Meet Mary Komick, a Los Angeles-based personal stylist with a dash of magic at her fingertips and an ardent passion to make every ambitious woman entrepreneur and professional not just look but feel fabulous.

From taking the bewilderment out of your morning wardrobe stare-down to creating go-to ensembles for your everyday triumphs, Mary is your chic ally. Her approach? Think less clutter, more clarity; less ordinary, more you. In the following conversation, she elegantly unravels the tapestry of her fashion journey, illuminates the transcendent power of a wardrobe makeover, and graciously offers tips so practical and empowering, you'll feel like you're chatting with a stylish friend who truly understands the art of joyful living.

So pour yourself a cup of sophistication, adjust your mental reading glasses, and let's embark on this sartorial adventure with Mary Komick, where style meets substance, and fabulous isn't just a word, it's a way of life. Shall we?

The Essence of Style: From Whimsical Beginnings to Stylish Triumphs

Mary's tryst with fashion has threads trailing back to her early years, delicately woven with memories of donning costumes and playful wardrobe explorations. "Trying on clothes and getting dressed in costumes are some of my earliest memories," she reminisces. "Fashion has always been, from childhood until now, a pivot point of self-expression for me." Captivated by the charisma of Stacy London on "What Not to Wear," Mary realized the potential in turning her candid fashion advice—often shared with friends and family—into a purposeful career. "I already had a habit of being brutally honest with friends and family about what they should and shouldn’t be wearing based on their personal style," she notes, "and that show validated the deep need I felt to help women feel their most confident selves."

Her journey from the whimsy of childhood costume play to professional styling took an unexpected, yet profoundly impactful turn, right next door. "A pivotal moment in my career," Mary muses, "was when I quit my 9-5 job and got my first personal styling client. She happened to be my neighbor, a highly successful angel investor whose wardrobe did not mirror her accomplishments." As Mary embarked on the mission to harmonize her neighbor's style with her success, the transformative power of fashion unfolded before her eyes. "Seeing her confidence skyrocket—knowing what to wear to client meetings, on date nights, and feeling chic even in casual wear with family—it all solidified for me that styling was my purpose," Mary reveals. In this metamorphosis, Mary found a testament to fashion's ability to be more than just clothes, but a heartfelt reflection of one's soul and story.

Mary Komick Fashion Stylist
Photo by Angelica Marie

Style with Substance: Crafting a Wardrobe That's Uniquely You

The world of personal styling can often seem a whirlwind of glamour, brands, and trends. Yet, Mary's approach stands out like a carefully tailored garment, fitting not just the body but the soul. "Unlike other stylists, whose goal is to sell you a brand new wardrobe and leave you guessing with the rest, I teach my clients the foundation of personal style," she explains with characteristic insight. How to flatter one's body type through clothing, recognize colors that compliment individual features, navigate style through life's transitions, and shop strategically – these are the threads Mary weaves into her unique styling tapestry.

And then, the pièce de résistance: a new wardrobe, but one carefully curated to blend seamlessly with what you already own. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling aligned, confident, and fabulously you, from work to weekend. Mary's approach isn't just a makeover; it's an education, a collaboration, a journey into your own unique style. It's fashion, redefined and personalized, much like a knowing wink from a stylish friend who knows exactly what you need.

A Wardrobe Unleashed: Freeing and Empowering through Style

If you could distill the essence of a wardrobe makeover, what words would capture its transformative magic? For Mary, it's quite simple yet profoundly powerful: "Freeing and empowering." It's a sentiment that resonates deeply in her custom styling framework. "My clients walk away from their styling experience feeling free of the constraints of judgment - both of themselves and the concerns of others. They get dressed for themselves and what makes them look, do, and feel their best. Their wardrobe is now seen as a tool that helps them achieve their professional and personal goals."

In Mary's world, style is not a mere superficial embellishment; it's an affirmation of self, a means to articulate individuality. It is about having complete clarity in who you are and how you want to show up through style, making empowered and intentional choices in personal fashion. The result is not just a closet filled with clothes but a space brimming with possibilities, where every garment is a statement of confidence, freedom, and a celebration of the unique self. It's more than fashion; it's a philosophy, a way of living, where the wardrobe is not a constraint but an ally in achieving one's dreams.

stylist wardrobe clothes on hangers
Photo by Angelica Marie

Tailoring Dreams: A Customized Approach to Personal Style

Embarking on a journey with Mary isn't just about flinging open your closet doors; it's about opening a dialogue with your very essence, understanding who you are and what you do daily. Her process begins with something as precise and thoughtful as a "Wardrobe Lifestyle Analysis," a tailored inquiry into your life's rhythm. "This comes as part of a questionnaire that I send out prior to the Styling Session, so I can get a super clear picture of what your daily activities are, so we can build a wardrobe that supports your lifestyle," Mary elaborates. Workwear or weekend-wear, casual or cocktail, her customized framework ensures that every piece resonates with your life's unique melody.

The next step, and one that adds an extra dollop of creativity, is the crafting of a "Style Direction Board." A collage of aspirational outfits, fabrics, cuts, and styles, this visual symphony serves as a guide to evolve personal style, setting the tone for one's "Style Personality." It's not merely about wearing clothes; it's about wearing your dreams, your aspirations, your personality. Mary's approach is an artist's touch on the canvas of life, where style isn't imposed but discovered, nurtured, and celebrated. It's not just fashion; it's a reflection of you.

The 4 Factor Formula: Curating a Closet with Grace and Precision

Decluttering a wardrobe can be an affair riddled with confusion, sentiment, and sometimes, outright chaos. But in Mary's world, it's a dance choreographed with grace, intention and a touch of panache. Her approach? The 4 Factor Formula: Feel, Fit, Flatter, Function. "When it comes to items that we discard - they no longer feel aligned with the client’s style direction and are worn down. We discard items that don’t fit - point blank, period. We’ll discard items that don’t flatter their figure UNLESS they can be tailored. And we’ll discard items that no longer function for their lifestyle and often consign those items for a new home," she states with a clarity that reflects years of cultivated insight.

Mary's approach isn't just about casting off the old; it's a respectful farewell, a thoughtful reassessment, a celebration of the new beginnings that every end heralds. It's about aligning not just clothes but the very fabric of one's lifestyle and identity, with precision and empathy. The discarded finds new homes, the retained sparkles anew, and the closet becomes not just a storage space but a sanctuary of self-expression. In her hands, decluttering is not a chore; it's an art form, a poetic curation of one's life's wardrobe. It's a lesson in living, taught with elegance, wisdom, and a wink of style.

Facing Fashion: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Elegance

Reinventing oneself is a thrilling adventure, but it's one often tangled with a sneaky little gremlin known as imposter syndrome. Mary recognizes it all too well. "The most common challenge women face when they're trying to reinvent their style is imposter syndrome. While they're tired of their wardrobe, feel like they don't have enough outfits to wear, and don't understand what their personal style is, they feel they don't deserve to invest in themselves," she observes. It's a sentiment that's both poignant and prevalent, that unsettling belief that desiring change is somehow an affront to one's true self.

Enter Mary, armed with her arsenal of wisdom, compassion, and a sprinkle of fashion fairy dust. She is not just a personal stylist; she's a wardrobe therapist, a clothing cheerleader, a mentor who understands that clothing is not a mere adornment but a reflection of one's inner triumphs and aspirations. "If you want your image to match your level of success - both professionally and personally, the choices you make towards getting rid of what no longer serves you and investing in what does will put you where you want to be." Through 1:1 styling sessions, instructional lookbooks, and style guides, Mary guides her clients through the labyrinth of self-doubt to a place where style meets substance, where fashion becomes a fearless expression of the unique self. It's not just a makeover; it's a metamorphosis, conducted with flair, empathy, and undeniable charm.

Mary Komick choosing colors of fabric for wardrobe
Photo by Angelica Marie

A Guide to Style Transformation: Embrace the Journey with Grace

The prospect of a wardrobe revamp can be an exhilarating yet overwhelming thought, akin to standing at the edge of a dazzling yet mysterious forest, unsure where to step. For those who find themselves in this quandary, Mary offers sage and comforting advice, "Know that you don’t have to do it alone, if you don’t want to. Start by getting clear on your aesthetics, and what types of outfits, colors, and styles you want to wear. That clarity will help you fill in the gaps in your wardrobe."

Mary's words paint a pathway of gentle exploration rather than frantic transformation. It's about savoring the journey, understanding your preferences, discovering your aesthetic voice, and if needed, reaching out for the support of a personal stylist. Her advice is a friendly reminder that transformation need not be a solitary struggle or a pressured rush to an ill-defined finish line. It's a creative exploration, a dance with yourself, guided by intuition, inspired by desire, and undertaken with joy and grace. It's not about fitting into a mold; it's about molding a fit that's uniquely, fabulously you.

Unveiling the Authentic You: The Power of a Wardrobe Makeover

A wardrobe makeover is not simply about new clothes; it's a magical process that unveils the authentic you, breaks down the barriers of limiting beliefs, and ignites the spark of self-expression. Mary artfully illustrates this transformation, stating, "A wardrobe makeover can increase your confidence not only by providing the tools to revamp your wardrobe and shop for new pieces that work for you, but also break down some limiting beliefs that you may have held pre-makeover."

This is not merely an exercise in vanity; it's an awakening to your true self. Mary continues, "A wardrobe makeover is also a permission slip to start dressing like the most authentic version of you. That means the prints, colors, and silhouettes that light you up, you wear. No more hiding behind clothes from a past chapter of your life that no longer reflect where you're at now." It's an exhilarating call to embrace your individuality, to wear your passion, your spirit, your soul, unapologetically, and to walk into every room – be it your living room or the boardroom – with the radiant confidence of one who knows herself and loves what she sees. A wardrobe makeover with Mary is more than a shopping spree; it's a celebration of self, a symphony of style, and a gateway to a more fulfilling and fabulous life.

Mary Komick fashion stylist with client
Photo by Angelica Marie

Crafting Your Own Style: Mary's Tips for the Solo Style Explorer

Embarking on a wardrobe transformation is akin to painting a self-portrait with fabrics and hues, weaving together the threads of self-understanding and creativity. But how to begin? Mary offers the compassionate wisdom of a seasoned guide: "Start small and slow, because a wardrobe makeover is an emotional experience. You're getting rid of what no longer serves you and making room for what does - in terms of your professional and personal goals."

And the practicalities? "Create an honest budget in mind for your shopping - remembering that online shopping (and in-store!) can be trial and error, and it's best to look at two sizes if you find yourself in between. Shop small! While department stores have more options, they're not always necessarily better, and it's great to help your local community." These insights are more than just advice; they are a gentle roadmap to self-discovery, an invitation to explore with purpose and patience, to find the hidden gems in local boutiques, and to embrace the art of dressing as a joyful journey, not a destination. This isn't about chasing trends; it's about tuning into your unique rhythm, your personal style symphony, and dancing to it with grace, confidence, and joy.

Nurturing Your Wardrobe: The Art of Ongoing Grace and Confidence

The glamour and glow of a wardrobe makeover don't need to fade as the seasons change. Mary imparts wisdom on how to maintain that newly discovered elegance, saying, "Keep working on your style mindset. Maintain your closet by editing seasonally and keeping note of items that you need as they come up, and actively work on curbing impulse shopping."

Her guidance hints at an ongoing relationship with oneself, a continuous nurturing of personal style that reflects the evolving chapters of life. It's about intentional living, thoughtful choices, and a loving curatorial approach to one's closet. This isn't merely about maintaining a collection of garments but preserving a sense of self, a confidence that's stylishly arrayed in the fabrics of authenticity and joy. In Mary's world, your wardrobe is a garden of self-expression, flourishing in the soil of understanding, watered by wisdom, and blooming in the endless seasons of fabulous you.

Style as a Sip of Elixir: The Transformative Joy of Self-Care

There's a serendipitous beauty in the realization that style is more than just the clothes we drape ourselves in; it's a holistic embrace of self-care. Mary's approach becomes an empowering declaration, "Style is self-care. When you take the time to put energy into transforming who you are and how you show up through your image, everything in your life changes. You'll start to radiate who you truly are, free of insecurities and full of authenticity."

This transformative journey makes the mundane daily rituals - getting dressed, shopping, even just glancing in the mirror - resonate with deeper meaning. They transform into opportunities to celebrate oneself, to find joy and express authenticity. "You find getting dressed to be a fun experience, not a chore. Shopping is a fun way to find new avenues to express who you are, not an overwhelming situation. Style and image are all about perception," Mary muses. And with her sage insights, readers are beckoned to view their reflection, not merely as a depiction of physicality but as a canvas of self-expression, a dance of colors and fabrics that tells the intricate, beautiful story of one's life and aspirations.



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