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City Chic Unveiled: Mastering Urban Style Secrets from LA and NY Fashion Stylists

An exploration of personal style in the bustling metropolises of Los Angeles and New York City.

Fashion Avenue New York City

Step into the limelight of the city with fashion as your ultimate accessory. In the world of urban style, where the streets are your runway and self-expression is celebrated, two fashion experts, Mary Komick and Tania Sterl, are ready to reveal the secrets behind mastering the art of city chic. As we delve into their insights, get ready to discover how to effortlessly navigate the bustling streets of Los Angeles and the iconic avenues of New York City with style, confidence, and a playful edge.

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Style Architects Shaping City Chic Fashion

Mary Komick Fashion Stylish

Mary Komick, a Los-Angeles based personal stylist, is on a mission to empower ambitious female entrepreneurs and professionals with impeccable style. Her full-scale personal styling and shopping experiences have become a beacon of support for those seeking to conquer the fashion world without the stress and overwhelm. With Komick's guidance, her clients discover the power of go-to outfits that effortlessly elevate their everyday lives.

Tania Sterl Fashion Stylist

With 18 years of experience in fashion design, Tania Sterl brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a personal style curator. Having planned, designed, and curated collections for women's wear brands, she has honed her eye for color, fit, and fabric. Today, Sterl applies her expertise to curate individual collections tailored to each woman's lifestyle, creating wardrobes that not only flatter their figures but also complement their unique personalities.

The Personal Style Statements: A Glimpse Into The Stylists' Wardrobes

Before we swing open the doors to the city chic style secrets of LA and NYC, it’s only fitting to peek into the wardrobes of our two style mavens. Every stylist's personal style is an extension of their personality and a conversation starter in its own right. So, how do these fashion gurus describe their own style symphonies? Let’s hear it from Komick and Sterl themselves.

First up, we have Komick, our LA-based fashion sorceress. Komick is a firm believer in celebrating individuality, recognizing that a stylist's personal flavor often differs from their clients' tastes. "Everyone's personalities are different, and so should their style," Komick proclaims, a statement that underlines her philosophy as a stylist.

When it comes to her personal style, Komick opts for an enchanting mix of contemporary and bohemian with a playful touch. “I would describe my style as contemporary, bohemian, and flirty,” Komick discloses. A potent concoction, don’t you agree? From this stylish blend, we can predict that her design philosophy is likely to hold a dash of modernity, a hint of earthy allure, and a sprinkle of charm. Intriguing.

Next on the style radar is our New York fashion virtuoso, Sterl. Her style, much like the city she hails from, is ever-evolving and vibrant. She fondly refers to herself as an '80s girl at heart, drawing inspiration from the unmatchable David Bowie and supermodel Linda Evangelista. Sterl's style, therefore, swings between modern and avant-garde, with a penchant for mood-dictated attires. "One day, I do want to be in Jet Black, but like today, I'm wearing soft pink," Sterl quips. A testament to her love for variety and an underlining statement of the unpredictability in fashion.

What strikes you about Sterl’s fashion philosophy is the influence of her travels on her style. Following her Parisian escapade last year, her style now embraces a dash of chic Parisian flair. "So I would say modern chic with a curious edge," Sterl summarizes. Certainly, an indication of a stylist who isn't afraid to experiment and embraces the world as her runway.

Stepping into Komick's and Sterl's wardrobes, we have a taste of the personal-style recipes that guide their work. But how do they translate these unique style symphonies into masterpieces for their clients in LA and NY? Let's delve into that next.

Mary Komick Style

City Chic Through the Landscape Lens: How LA and NYC Influence Style

Fashion, akin to a captivating story, is heavily influenced by its surroundings. The cities we live in serve as the backdrop for our personal style stories, as the vibrant energy of our urban landscapes blends with our individual flair. Our two fashion connoisseurs, Mary Komick and Tania Sterl invite us to explore the fashion synergy between their respective cities. How do these iconic cityscapes mold their fashion narratives, and in turn, how do they tailor these inspirations for their clientele?

"LA's fashion landscape, much like the city, is incredibly expansive and diverse," Mary Komick sets the scene for the sun-drenched city of Los Angeles. For Mary, her clients' personal styles are not solely inspired by their personalities but also by their neighborhoods. This geographical influence is so significant that one might be able to trace a resident's fashion journey through the city's various districts.

Komick takes us on a fashion exploration, from the relaxed beach chic and vibrant bohemian prints of the West Side to the sophisticated, glamorous vibe of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. She eventually brings us to the retro vintage trend reigning the East Side, with a prominent '70s influence. She observes, "Everyone's style throughout Los Angeles is distinct, and it is deeply influenced by where you reside in LA."

The impact of location on fashion extends to event styling. If her clients, accustomed to the casual, beachy fashion of the beach cities, have to attend an event in glamorous Hollywood, it requires astute style navigation. Komick's secret? She recommends specific outfit formulas that harmonize with their personal style while complementing the event's location and vibe. A chic pantsuit or a classic little black dress could serve as their fashion compass, guiding them effortlessly through varying city terrains.

On the other coast, Sterl portrays the fashion landscape of New York City as a vivid collage. She breaks down the city's style into three components. First, there's the high-end fashion fantasy encompassing New York Fashion Week, the Met Gala, and esteemed designers. Then, there's the street style - the trendsetters, the influencers, and the unique flavor each neighborhood brings to the fashion forefront, from the Upper West Side to Bushwick.

Sterl also acknowledges the international influence within the city, the third component of NYC fashion. "New York City is a highly international city. So the fashion landscape here is extremely diverse," Sterl explains, pointing out the city's global design connections from Africa to India, Canada, and Colombia.

As stylists, Komick and Sterl display their unique ability to navigate and incorporate their city's fashion landscape into their work. They assist their clients in aligning their personal style with the distinct fashion pulse of their city, embodying the essence of city chic. But what does city chic genuinely mean to them? Let's delve deeper and learn how to master the city chic look.

Leather jacket, handbag, sunglasses

Mastering the City Chic Look: Tips from LA and NYC

Unraveling the concept of city chic, we encounter a tantalizing blend of personal style, environment, and fashion instincts. Transitioning smoothly from a laid-back beach morning to a glamorous Hollywood evening in Los Angeles, or embodying the sophisticated edge that exemplifies New York City's urban chic, requires both an insightful eye and a passion for fashion. Let's return to our conversation with Komick and Sterl to uncover the secrets behind mastering the quintessential city chic look in these iconic cities.

Mary Komick elucidates the central principle of dressing for LA - versatility. "You do want to factor in the weather, but if you're exploring all the different parts of LA, simple combinations like tucked-in tees into paperbag shorts or linen joggers can create an effortlessly chic outfit," she shares. Whether it's a sundress paired with stylish flat sandals or a sophisticated summer suit with matching trousers or shorts, Komick advises focusing on comfortable yet chic outfit combinations that can fit in anywhere.

For transitioning from day to night, Komick suggests starting with shoes and accessories. "Switching flats, like loafers for a heeled mule, is a really easy way to transition your look into a night out without needing to change your clothes," she explains. She also underscores the transformative power of jewelry and layering, suggesting leather blazers, utility jackets, or slip skirts as ideal transitional pieces. "A staple jewelry piece can significantly transform any outfit."

Regarding accessories, she highlights current trends in LA, from shoulder bags to fisherman sandals and from playful sunglasses to chunky jewelry. "Accessories are the unsung hero of any outfit," she adds.

Shifting our fashion focus to the East Coast, Tania Sterl unpacks the essence of New York's urban style. Based on her experience working with clients new to the city, she identifies a core theme: striking a balance between blending into the urban landscape and expressing personal individuality.

According to Sterl, the New York look pivots on three elements: the coat, the bag, and the shoes. These pieces form your "vehicle," setting the tone for your outfit as you move through the city - whether on the street, in the subway, or at a rooftop bar. High-quality pieces such as a well-tailored blazer, a leather moto jacket, or an elegant coat, she suggests, are worthy investments.

New York style, in Sterl's view, leans towards structure and tailoring. However, she quickly adds that this does not eclipse the city's softer side. As Sterl puts it, the city's aesthetics balance a "masculine-feminine" dichotomy, juxtaposing the structural cityscape against the cultural richness of its parks, art galleries, and museums.

Sterl underscores the importance of accessories. She advises making intentional style choices, especially concerning shoes and bags. These key pieces, whether a designer bag or a timeless, high-quality item, significantly contribute to the overall look. She frames New York style as a thoughtful amalgamation of individual expression, environmental adaptation, and strategic investment in key pieces. It's about striking the right balance between standing out and fitting into the city's unique style narrative.

The narrative of city chic style, as told by Komick and Sterl, is one of adaptation, individual expression, and a deep love for their respective cities. Whether you're ambling through the sun-kissed streets of LA or navigating the bustling sidewalks of NYC, there's a city chic look for everyone, ready to be discovered and styled in your unique fashion story.

Our conversation with these stylists reminds us that fashion is a language, one that communicates who we are, where we come from, and how we perceive the world around us. It's about striking the right balance between individuality and blending in, knowing when to push boundaries and when to follow the crowd. It's about practicality and style coexisting harmoniously, from the selection of fabrics to the versatility of transitioning from day to night.

So whether you're a fashion-savvy resident of LA or NYC or merely a visitor eager to tap into the city's sartorial pulse, keep in mind these invaluable insights from our style experts, Mary Komick and Tania Sterl. Remember, city chic is a journey, not a destination - it's the story of you, your city, and the fashion love affair that ensues.



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