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Where LA's Leading Ladies Gather to Connect, Discover and Thrive
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Join Us

Hello Fabulous You! Are you craving meaningful connection, growth, and indulgence beyond the boardroom? You're invited to join our extraordinary Social Circle - curated just for visionaries like you in Los Angeles. We're gearing up for an unforgettable launch in Summer 2024, and we want you to be a part of it from the very beginning!

Join the Social Circle to:

  • Connect: Build meaningful relationships with a curated community of LA's most accomplished and influential women across various industries.

  • Discover: Immerse yourself in multi-sensory experiences designed to ignite curiosity, spark inspiration, and help you uncover new possibilities in your personal and professional life.

  • Thrive: Gain access to exclusive events, resources, and opportunities that will empower you to flourish in your pursuits and ambitions.

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The Social Circle Experience

In a world where quantity often overshadows quality, the Social Circle redefines the essence of women's networking events. Our approach is rooted in exclusivity, personalization, and meaningful engagement, offering a transformative experience unlike any other:


Step into an exclusive circle where every invite means entry to top-tier networking. Our events aren't just gatherings; they're curated experiences crafted for meaningful impact. Connect with the best in an atmosphere where every detail is about enhancing your journey.


Build genuine connections in settings designed for real talk and real deals. Our strategic partnerships are not just about networking—they're about aligning with brands and leaders who will elevate your game. It’s about making moves that matter.


Delve into events crafted around your specific interests. Engage with fellow enthusiasts and leading experts in a dynamic setting tailored to each unique passion. These gatherings are designed to enrich your knowledge and expand your connections, offering an ideal platform for exploring your niche in depth.


Keep your finger on the pulse with non-stop events. Whether it’s mixing at a midsummer night’s mingle or learning at a winter workshop, the vibe is always fresh and the connections continuous. Stay engaged, energized, and ahead of the curve.


Experience the freedom of choice with our flexible event access. Dive into free events or invest in exclusive gatherings—whatever suits your style. Our adaptive event formats are designed to fit seamlessly into your life and your calendar.


Participate in small-scale events that promote deeper discussion and more personalized interactions. These settings not only enhance learning but also strengthen bonds among members. Each event is crafted to maximize personal and professional growth. Experience the power of focused, intimate gatherings.

By choosing the Social Circle, you're not just attending events; you're immersing yourself in experiences that enrich, empower, and elevate. Welcome to a community where every detail is crafted with you in mind, where every event is an opportunity to thrive.

Who You'll Meet

Our exclusive community offers you the opportunity to connect with Los Angeles' most accomplished and influential women. Our curated network brings together:

  • Visionary entrepreneurs, founders, and co-founders

  • C-suite executives and industry trailblazers

  • Acclaimed authors, artists, and creatives

  • Influential personalities, experts, and authorities

From business leaders and innovators to creative minds, trendsetters, and industry experts, our members are driving change and making a significant impact in their respective fields.


The Social Circle provides a unique platform for these accomplished women to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences with one another, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

Industries They Represent

We celebrate the expertise and accomplishments of women across a wide range of dynamic industries. Our members are trailblazers and innovators in sectors such as:

  • Beauty, Fashion & Wellness

  • Culinary Arts, Travel & Hospitality

  • Art, Literature & Publishing

  • Entertainment, Media & Creatives

  • Technology & Digital Innovation

  • Professional Services & Consulting

These inspiring women are at the forefront of their industries, setting trends, driving growth, and redefining success. If you're a business owner, founder, or high-level executive making waves in any of these fields, you'll find yourself in good company within this curated community of remarkable women.

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Multi-Sensory Experiences for Profound Transformation

As a member of the Social Circle, you'll be an active participant in intimate, multi-sensory experiences designed to inspire and transform:

  • Influencer and PR Events:
    Connect with industry tastemakers and expand your brand's reach.

  • Brand Activations and Product Launches:
    Be among the first to experience cutting-edge offerings.

  • Immersive Brand Experiences:
    Dive into captivating, sensory-rich environments that showcase the best in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

  • Art Exhibitions and Book Debuts:
    Engage with groundbreaking works and literary masterpieces.

  • Culinary and Gourmet Tastings:
    Indulge in exquisite flavors and innovative cuisine.

  • Fashion Shows and Apparel Debuts:
    Witness the future of style on the runway.

  • Green and Sustainable Events:
    Explore eco-conscious initiatives and responsible brands.

  • Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats:
    Unwind, recharge, and reconnect with yourself in serene, luxurious settings.

  • Seminars and Workshops:
    Expand your knowledge and skills through expert-led sessions.

  • Networking Mixers and Themed Celebrations:
    Build valuable relationships and revel in the company of like-minded visionaries.

Savor stunning locations, elegant venues, and innovative activities that engage all your senses. Gain wisdom through personalized mentorship sessions and intimate ideation gatherings.

Complimentary Membership,
Exceptional Opportunities

Membership to the Social Circle is completely complimentary, providing full flexibility to indulge in exceptional experiences aligned with your aspirations and schedule - without commitment to any single package. We collaborate with brand partners to offer some experiences at no cost, while others have a thoughtfully curated investment to provide exceptional value for our members. Spaces for each experience are limited, ensuring an intimate and impactful environment.

Join Us for Our Summer 2024 Launch!

You're on the brink of joining something truly special—a community curated for Los Angeles' most innovative and impactful women. As we anticipate the launch of our Social Circle in Summer 2024, we're inviting you, a visionary in your field, to be part of this exciting journey from the start. From networking and collaboration to personal growth and exclusive resources, the benefits of joining our community are limitless. Here's what you need to know before applying:

Your Invitation to Impact and Connect

Our community thrives on fostering genuine connections and collaborations among Los Angeles' most accomplished and influential women in business and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to bringing together trailblazers, innovators, and changemakers who drive their own businesses or hold leadership positions, all united by their commitment to excellence and making a positive impact. Here's what sets our membership apart:

  • Membership Criteria: If you are a visionary entrepreneur, founder, co-founder, C-suite executive, industry leader, business owner, self-employed professional, acclaimed author, artist, creative with your own venture, or an influential expert or authority in your field, we invite you to join our curated network.

  • Exclusivity & Authenticity: 

    • Curated Network:  Our membership is carefully curated to cultivate a diverse yet like-minded community of exceptional women. Our selection process is designed to uphold the integrity and exclusivity of our network, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations among members who share similar values, aspirations, and a passion for driving change.

    • Limited Inclusion for Coaches: To maintain the diversity and balance of our community, we extend invitations to a select group of coaching professionals who possess unique expertise and hold legitimate certifications. These individuals are chosen based on their ability to make significant contributions to our community's ethos, ensuring that every member brings value and fosters growth.

    • Focused Community: Our community is dedicated to upholding its integrity and purpose by focusing on entrepreneurs and leaders engaged in direct service, innovation, and product creation. Therefore, businesses and individuals operating under direct sales or MLM (multi-level marketing) models do not align with our membership criteria and will not be invited to join. This policy ensures our community remains a dedicated space for authentic innovation and the direct impact of products or services, fostering an environment where genuine growth and collaboration can flourish.

  • The Application Journey: 

    This is your invitation to share your story, your business's impact, and your vision for contributing to and growing with our network of luminaries. Your application is the beginning of a journey toward joining an extraordinary group of women who are redefining what it means to be leaders in their industries.

    Together, we’re building more than a network—we’re cultivating a movement of empowered, supported, and celebrated women leaders across the spectrum of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Become a Founding Member

As a founding member, you'll not only join our community but help shape its future. With the Summer 2024 launch approaching, here are the exclusive perks waiting for you:

  • Personalized Feature in our Founding Member Profile Series.

  • Opportunity to Host webinars or workshops, sharing your expertise.

  • Priority Registration for all events, keeping you at the forefront.

  • Personalized Celebrations of your founding member status through our channels.

Take Action Now

Our application is open year-round, but the chance to secure founding member benefits is limited. Applications for founding membership close end of May, so don't miss this opportunity to be part of a community set to redefine what it means to be a successful, influential woman in Los Angeles.

Request an Invitation

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