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Discovering Rocio Maldonado's Whole Person Initiative: A Journey Into Energy Healing

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In a world that seems perpetually on fast-forward, serenity can feel like the ultimate luxury. So, let me introduce you to a woman who has made it her life's work to help others discover their inner oasis of tranquility: Rocio Maldonado. Our path today leads us to the doorstep of Whole Person Initiative, a haven of healing that’s as elusive as it is effective.

Rocio, an energy healer with an extraordinary touch, helps clients find balance among their seven chakras, guides them through trauma recovery, and assists them in cutting the proverbial cord to past hurts and harmful ties. Her tools are as enigmatic as they are effective, involving crystals and an ancient technique called Sekhem-Khrem. Curious? Slightly bewildered? Don't worry - we're about to delve into a world where energy is more than just what keeps the lights on. Prepare to be enlightened, both metaphorically and, quite possibly, literally.

Unfolding the Art of Sekhem-Khrem and Distance Healing

Rocio Maldonado Energy Healer
Rocio Maldonado

At the heart of Rocio's practice lies an ancient modality named Sekhem-Khrem, a profound system of wisdom taught in the temples of ancient Egypt. This practice, named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior goddess and divine healer, represents an all-knowing state of consciousness. It addresses the subtle aspects of cause, releasing deeply held thought-forms in both the physical and etheric body.

" Sekhem-Khrem is a pathway to a more expansive form of energy, channeled through the energy goddess," explains Rocio. Considered the predecessor to other energy healing forms like Reiki and Seichim, Sekhem-Khrem derives its energy from external sources—specifically, the Sirius, Orion, and Lemurian star systems. This holistic practice works on multiple plane levels, including emotional, physical, and spiritual, offering a deeper, more nuanced approach to energy healing.

Unlike many healing modalities that focus on the chakras, Sekhem-Khrem allows practitioners to see your core channel system during a healing session. "Its high vibrational frequency will assist in deepening a client’s understanding of oneself and others, accelerating one’s personal development and independence," adds Rocio.

On par with Sekhem-Khrem, Rocio advocates for distance healing—a form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. So, what does distance healing look like in practice?

Essentially, distance healing begins with the healer and the recipient agreeing on a convenient time. During the healing session, the recipient is encouraged to relax in a quiet space, free from distractions. The healer, in their own separate location, enters a meditative state, often visualizing the recipient and directing healing energy their way.

"I prefer distance healing over in-person," she admits, "I feel like I can be more creative in my practice."

However, the experience of distance healing is as unique as the individuals themselves. "A client will feel differently depending on their strengths," says Rocio. Some people might hear things, others might feel physical sensations or even visualize a whole story unfolding as the healing process happens.

"Even my experiences are different with every client. It just really depends on them and what they're letting go," Rocio adds, underscoring that energy healing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's a journey of exploration, a dance with unseen forces within and around us, always nuanced, always personal.

Understanding the Intricacies of Cord Cutting and Energy Healing

The complexity of Rocio's practice doesn't end at energy channeling and distance healing. One fascinating aspect is the concept of "cord cutting," an integral part of her work that she often finds herself explaining to those seeking her help.

"Cord cutting is an emotional detachment from something or someone that is not allowing you to move forward in your personal development process," Rocio explains. But the process is far from straightforward. According to Rocio, it involves a deep and sincere willingness to let go, requiring one to peel back layers of emotional attachment before finally severing that bond or 'cord.'

This cord isn't just tied to the individual but is also connected to someone else. For instance, if someone has been holding onto an emotional attachment from a past relationship, cutting the cord not only signifies their detachment but also impacts the other person. They might feel a sense of emptiness, indicating the loss of a long-held connection, even years after the relationship has ended.

Rocio emphasizes the profound respect and readiness one needs when deciding to cut the cord, "It's a two-way shot. You have to be ready to go through that process. You can't just walk in and say, 'cut the cords.' Are you ready to do the work to get there? Have you worked through the emotions, healing that trauma?"

She likens this process to physical training, drawing a comparison between starting weightlifting and emotional healing. You wouldn't just walk into a gym and start benching 200 pounds, right? It's a gradual build-up, just like emotional healing.

Interestingly, Rocio notes that some clients aren't necessarily eager to cut all their cords but rather appear to be slowly shedding little threads of attachment, reflecting their energy's subtle evolution. "I think that's healthy," she adds.

But the journey of healing doesn't stop at cord-cutting. It extends to how we interact with the energies around us. Rocio elucidates, "How you feel is how you portray yourself. And who you are based on how you feel is who you attract."

If someone is persistently feeling insecure, they are likely to attract similar energy. People's emotional strength is not inherent but built over time through their experiences and personal work. If one finds themselves in negative spaces, it's likely they'll attract more negativity. However, these experiences can also be an opportunity for growth and building resilience, much like Rocio's personal journey.

"In my work, I keep attracting challenges. But attracting these challenges has allowed me to get stronger in how I defend myself. And now, I just don't tolerate a lot of nonsense," she asserts. In other words, one's energy work can often be a reflection of their personal journey and growth.

Energy Healing and Chakra Harmony: A Dance of Subtle Forces

chakra energy healing crystals

At its core, energy healing is a practice of identifying and rectifying imbalances within an individual's energetic ecosystem. It is an intricate dance between the healer and the healed, where the goal is to locate and realign any energetic disconnects. This practice is often directly linked to the body's seven primary chakras, the subtle energy centers that govern various aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

"When you're working with the body or the energy system, you're essentially using the energy as a diagnostic tool to identify where the imbalances are," explains Rocio. As an example, she describes working with someone who perpetually feels heartbroken. "You work with the heart chakra, delving into its energetic realm, to discern what is fostering this constant feeling of heartbreak, even in the absence of a recent traumatic event."

Achieving balance, however, is not solely about healing pain points; it is equally about awakening dormant energy sources or pacifying an overactive chakra. Rocio is of the belief that through meticulous and attuned energy work, the chakra system can be realigned, restored to its original vibrational state, and a renewed sense of equilibrium can be granted to the clients.

Identifying a chakra imbalance, though, might seem elusive to the uninitiated. On this topic, Rocio offers some enlightening observations. It often boils down to being in tune with the body's subtle cues and understanding their correlation with our emotional state. "One of the most common questions that I pose to my clients, especially when I perceive insecurities, is 'Do you frequently experience stomach issues?' This is because the solar plexus chakra, located in the stomach region, is often associated with feelings of insecurity," she clarifies.

Comparing a solar plexus imbalance to the sensation of a punch in the stomach, Rocio portrays how such an imbalance can cause both a physical and metaphorical hunch, inducing feelings of insecurity. Recognizing these signs is pivotal as it allows her to draw connections, linking physical discomfort to deeper emotional or energetic disturbances.

Evidently, the realm of energy healing extends beyond mystical symbols and ancient traditions. It revolves around a deep comprehension of the delicate signals our bodies emit and responding to them in a manner that fosters harmony among our physical, emotional, and energetic selves. This blend of intuitive understanding and practical application forms the very essence of energy healing, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen, the known and the mystical.

Crystals and Chakras: The Energetic Interplay

Crystals, often viewed as beautiful decorative pieces, are actually tools with significant roles in energy healing. These nature's wonders come with their unique energy scopes and purposes, as Rocio explains, "Each crystal has its own energy, its own purpose. How you function with a crystal is based on the purpose it serves."

When preparing for a client's session, Rocio taps into their energy to discern what crystals might best assist their healing. She finds that these crystals often stimulate more energy in areas where the client needs it the most. For example, she would use an anxiety-based crystal around the solar plexus of a client experiencing chronic stomach aches and nervousness to help relieve their anxiety. If a client feels ungrounded, a grounding crystal is placed at their feet to reestablish their connection to the earth.

Rocio views these crystals not merely as healing agents but as indispensable tools in her practice, stating, "They're used as a tool for me, but they do have their own healing modalities that assist in the healing process."

In addition to general uses, some crystals align with specific chakras, the energy centers in our bodies. Rocio mentions how one crystal, Orgonite, can serve multiple chakras. This crystal is known for its grounding properties and ability to strengthen confidence, making it useful for the sacral space, or second chakra, as well as for grounding in general.

Rocio's relationship with crystals is as intuitive as it is knowledgeable. She reaches for different crystals based on her feelings or needs during her personal meditations. If she's experiencing throat chakra issues, she might select a blue crystal. For spiritual enhancement, she'd opt for a particular spiritual crystal. And to keep negativity at bay? "I grab my big piece of white tourmaline," she shares.

In this way, crystals become dynamic participants in the energy healing process, selected based on an individual's needs and feelings and functioning in a way that complements and enhances the healing journey.

Embarking on a Journey Towards Energetic Healing

As our enlightening discussion with Rocio reaches a close, it becomes abundantly clear that energy healing is a holistic, integrative, and dynamic process. From the concept of Sekhem-Khrem and cord-cutting to the supportive role of crystals in healing, the depth and breadth of Rocio's wisdom on these practices leave us with much to reflect upon.

Her intuitive and personalized approach to healing demonstrates a profound respect for the individual journey of each client. Moreover, her commitment to helping her clients not just cope but truly heal and move beyond their wounds into a space of empowerment is deeply inspiring.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons learned from this exchange is the understanding that true healing requires readiness, patience, and gradual progression. It's not about benching 200 pounds right off the bat, as Rocio puts it, but about building up to it.

If you are intrigued by these practices and are interested in beginning your own journey toward energetic healing, Rocio welcomes you with open arms. Her expertise in these ancient methods, coupled with her intuitive and compassionate approach, makes her an ideal guide on this transformative path.

To contact Rocio or to schedule a session, please visit her website at:

Your journey toward holistic healing and self-discovery awaits.



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