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Introducing the Hugo Spritz: The Refreshing Elixir Taking TikTok by Storm

Hugo Spritz TikTok

Move aside, Aperol Spritz and Dirty Shirley, you've got competition! A fresh cocktail is making waves, tantalizing taste buds, and grabbing the spotlight from mixology aficionados globally. TikTok, our trusted trend sentinel, has dubbed it the "Hugo Spritz." Poised to be the standout cocktail of summer 2023, let's delve into this enticing blend and discover the magic propelling its swift ascent to fame.

Imagine yourself lounging on a sun-drenched terrace, the gentle breeze of summer caressing your skin, and the clinking of glasses filling the air. What could be better than sipping on a Hugo Spritz, a libation that embodies the essence of summer with every effervescent sip? Just like its famous orange-hued cousin, the Aperol Spritz, the Hugo Spritz hails from the picturesque land of Italy, known for its exquisite culinary creations and timeless charm.

The origins of the Hugo Spritz can be traced back to 2005 when Italian barman Roland Gruber created this delightful cocktail in South Tyrol. Initially finding popularity in apres-ski bars and villages nestled among the stunning Alps, it quickly gained traction and spread across Europe. And now, thanks to the magic of TikTok, it has made its way to the UK and US, where it's being hailed as "the drink of 2023."

The Hugo Spritz boasts a captivating blend of flavors, with elderflower liqueur taking center stage. Unlike the slightly bitter notes of Aperol, elderflower liqueur lends a more delicate and floral profile to this enchanting elixir. Paired with the effervescence of Prosecco or sparkling wine and the refreshing bite of soda water, the Hugo Spritz dances on your palate like a sprightly summer breeze. A sprig of mint adds a touch of herbal freshness, while a squeeze of lemon enhances the citrusy zest.

To concoct your own Hugo Spritz, here's a simple yet sublime recipe that will transport you to the sun-kissed hills of Italy:


1.5 oz St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

3 oz Prosecco or sparkling wine

1.5 oz soda water

Juice from half a lime

Fresh mint leaves, for garnish

Lemon wedge, for garnish

Ice cubes


  1. Fill a wine glass or large goblet with ice cubes, allowing them to chill while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Add the St Germain Elderflower Liqueur to the glass, followed by the Prosecco or sparkling wine.

  3. Give the mixture a gentle stir, allowing the flavors to mingle and harmonize.

  4. Top it off with the soda water, adding that delightful fizz that defines a spritz.

  5. Garnish your Hugo Spritz with a sprig of mint and a tantalizing wedge of lemon.

  6. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful symphony of colors and aromas before indulging in this heavenly libation.

Behold—the epitome of summer sophistication, a refreshing elixir for those languid summer soirees. The Hugo Spritz, with its delicate botanical nuances, stands as the quintessential aperitif, awakening the palate and rejuvenating the senses. Now, joining the ranks of esteemed classics like the Aperol Spritz and Dirty Shirley, let's celebrate this effervescent newcomer. Prepare for a gustatory delight! Here's to the Hugo Spritz, the crowning jewel among the beverages of summer 2023!

Here's to a fabulous summer of sipping. Cheers!



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