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From Click to Canvas: A Beginner's Guide to Buying Art Online with 701 Gallery

In a world where tech reigns supreme, there's a unique delight in finding someone who leaps from the silvery sheen of the digital age, plunges deep into the vibrant world of art, and then merges the two into an extraordinary venture. I recently sat down for an intimate chat with Kayla Campos, the brilliant mind behind 701 Gallery, a fresh online platform that champions emerging artists from every corner of the globe. Surprisingly, Kayla's journey didn't start amidst a haze of paint and canvas but within the glossy corridors of big tech sales. Just like the majority of us, she felt the age-old itch of the pandemic pushing her towards newfound passions. Her story is one of serendipity, of finding beauty amidst chaos, and of a modern woman's quest to make art not just a luxury, but an accessible everyday delight.

Kayla Campos, 701 Gallery
Kayla Campos, 701 Gallery

Finding Art and Heart in Unexpected Spaces

For Kayla Campos, her art journey didn't trace the conventional trajectory of early encounters with galleries or childhood sketchbooks. Instead, it was a heartfelt passion kindled during the pandemic’s introspective moments. "During the pandemic, I really wanted to learn a new subject," Kayla mused, her journey sprouting not from a lifetime of artistry, but a newfound, voracious curiosity. Diving into the storied pasts of numerous artists and art movements through books and eventually, venturing into galleries with fresh eyes and a blossoming passion, she quickly fell head over heels for the world she’d uncovered.

"I was always interested in art, but I didn't really grow up with it," Kayla shared, emphasizing the fresh, genuine wonder she felt as she delved into the world of artistry.

However, as Kayla’s admiration grew, she faced a conundrum familiar to many: a desire for original art paired with uncertainty about where to find it without breaking the bank. Conversations with friends revealed a shared sentiment: a love for art but little knowledge about procuring original pieces without resorting to generic selections from big-box stores.

“I love going to galleries,” Kayla expressed, “but most of the artworks are not something I could afford as a 20-something-year-old.” This financial barrier and the daunting nature of art marketplaces led to her eureka moment. Why not carve out a digital space that bridged passionate art enthusiasts with emerging artists, sans the intimidating price tag?

Thus, 701 Gallery was birthed, a seamless blend of Kayla's tech-savvy background and newfound appreciation for art, offering a curated space where every individual could explore and invest in art that speaks to their soul.

A Curated Elegance in the E-Commerce Expanse

In an online arena where digital platforms regularly bombard users with infinite options, Kayla saw an opportunity to handcraft a distinctively different experience with 701 Gallery. The secret sauce? A judiciously curated collection and an intentional avoidance of the overwhelming tsunami of choices seen on many platforms. “We don't want to have 1000s of artworks on the site,” she emphasized, placing value on an uncomplicated, easy navigation through thoughtfully selected artworks. This meticulous curation ensures that each artist garners the visibility they deserve, their unique pieces not eclipsed by an excess of options.

Yet, Kayla's vision for 701 Gallery extends beyond being a mere digital catalogue. She dreams of it as a space where relationships blossom and stories intertwine. Unlike standard E-commerce sites that promptly usher you from cart to checkout, 701 Gallery lingers in the delicate space between transaction and connection. It’s not just about buying art; it’s about embarking on an artful journey, one where curious art lovers are guided through each step. “We really want to build and cultivate relationships with buyers,” Kayla shared, spotlighting their complimentary art advisory services that navigate clients through the beguiling world of art acquisition.

In tandem with its profound client relationships, 701 Gallery also fastidiously dedicates itself to unearthing emerging talent. This isn’t merely a space to purchase art, but a platform where nascent artists are discovered, championed, and seamlessly brought into the homes and hearts of art enthusiasts around the globe. Thus, the gallery doesn’t merely facilitate the purchase of art; it fosters a rich ecosystem where artists, curators, and buyers converge in a harmonious celebration of fresh, accessible artistic expression.

The Intuitive Art of Discovering New Artists

In a world where every scroll through Instagram unveils a plethora of tantalizing visuals, Kayla has mastered the delicate art of distinguishing emerging artists who resonate with 701 Gallery's vibrant ethos. It's an insightful journey that extends far beyond mere visuals and dives deeply into the intriguing stories and potential that artists convey through their creations.

“I typically find artists through other artists,” Kayla revealed, leveraging the interconnected web of the artist community on platforms like Instagram, where creatives often celebrate and amplify each other's works. It’s through this vibrant digital tapestry where artists intertwine, sharing and uplifting one another, that Kayla navigates to uncover gems that might otherwise remain hidden from the casual observer.

Yet, Kayla's selection process is unbounded by rigid criteria or checklists. It's a heart-led journey, guided by an instinctual pull toward artworks that whisper to her soul. “It's just like, if I see the artwork, and I really love it, then of course, that's the number one thing,” she reflected, her approach embodying an authentic and spontaneous appreciation that art lovers often seek but rarely find. Her eyes are drawn not only to the immediate visual impact of a piece but also to the artist's story, exhibition history, and the blossoming path they're embarking upon.

And while the artists are emerging, so too are the potential connections with future art lovers. By focusing on early-career artists, 701 Gallery provides a platform where the spotlight shines brightly on those in the initial chapters of their artistic narrative. Here, in this space of virtual and visual connection, Kayla crafts a gallery where the pulse of the art world is felt vividly, echoing the rhythmic beats of budding talent, waiting to be discovered and adored by a new wave of enthusiasts and collectors.

Online Art Galleries: The Democratic Canvas of the Art World

It's no secret that the online landscape has reshaped our experiences and perceptions of various worlds - and the realm of art is no exception. Kayla exudes a palpable enthusiasm when expressing how online buying has redefined the traditional art market: “I think online buying has really democratized the art world.”

Traditionally, venturing into the physical spaces of brick-and-mortar galleries to inquire about artworks and their pricing can be an intimidating experience, especially for those freshly dipping their toes into the eclectic waters of the art world. The encased, almost secretive nature of traditional galleries, where information is often concealed behind the refined veneer of sophistication, has a tendency to alienate the curious and the novice.

But ah, enter the virtual gallery – a space where walls dissolve and art becomes approachable, visible, and accessible to all, irrespective of their art literacy or socio-economic standing. Kayla underscores how online platforms not only render the process of art acquisition transparent and less daunting for potential buyers and collectors but also carve out spaces for artists who may not find a nook within the prestigious walls of blue-chip galleries.

“It's also given more artists an opportunity to show and exhibit their work...having these online marketplaces and online platforms really gives them the opportunity to get their work seen by potential collectors and buyers,” Kayla reflects. Not every artist gets the chance to display their creations in notable galleries, and the digital domain has sprawled out like an endless canvas, offering an egalitarian stage upon which artists can showcase their work to a global audience.

The advent of online galleries like 701 thus becomes a two-way street of empowerment, simultaneously opening up worlds for both artists seeking eyes for their creations and collectors searching for that perfect piece that whispers to their soul across the pixels. This digital renaissance of the art world, as nurtured by platforms like 701 Gallery, is not only shifting the dynamics of art accessibility but is also weaving a new tapestry of artistic discovery that is diverse, inclusive, and refreshingly democratic.

Finding the Heart in Art: Beyond the Dollar Sign

Stepping into the world of art collecting can feel like navigating through a maze of values, price tags, and the elusive allure of potential investment returns. Kayla, with her hands-on experience in the field, offers some solid ground to those lost in this maze: “If you're a newer collector, I would stay away from looking at art as an investment.”

The common pitfall many newcomers face is viewing art through the tinted glasses of its potential financial return. But as with all things beautiful and profound, the true value of a piece of art transcends its monetary worth. The heart of art lies in the personal connection one feels, the stories it tells, and the emotions it evokes.

Kayla recommends looking deeper, beyond the price tag. "Really try to find artwork that you love, because there's really no guarantee that the artwork will go up in value," she advises. By focusing on the artist's journey, their exhibitions, and the milestones of their career, one can glean insight into the depth and authenticity of the piece. For instance, has the artist showcased their work in galleries or been part of notable group or solo shows? Such markers can hint at the artwork’s qualitative value.

In essence, when evaluating art, it's about resonating with the piece, understanding its story, and cherishing its presence in one’s space. After all, the real ROI (Return on Investment) in the art world is the joy, contemplation, and conversations that a beloved piece brings to one's life.

A Guided Journey into Art Buying: Three Pillars to Consider

Navigating the intricate pathways of purchasing art, especially for newcomers, can be a layered experience. Kayla distills the process into three pivotal aspects to consider: Purpose, Budget, and Authenticity.

1. Define the Purpose: Decorative vs. Fine Art

Defining the purpose behind purchasing a piece of art is crucial. Kayla states, “Think about what kind of art you're looking to buy? Are you looking for purely decorative purposes or fine art that speaks to you emotionally or intellectually?"

  • Decorative Art: Your focus should align with aesthetics and how the art complements your decor. Considering your aesthetic style, whether minimalist, traditional, or maximalist, will guide your choices towards abstracts, portraits, landscapes, or bold, playful pieces.

  • Fine Art: This leans into a deeper connection. Kayla suggests you "look beyond colors, tones, and how it can match your decor." Dive into the artist’s background, their inspirations, themes, and the stories they weave through their work. Engage in discussions with galleries or artists to unveil these layers.

2. Manage Your Budget: Price Transparency and Additional Costs

“Budget is important to think about,” Kayla emphasizes, adding that online art buying presents the advantage of price transparency, freeing you from the often uncomfortable need to inquire about prices.

Yet, keeping within your financial boundaries involves thinking beyond the tag price:

  • Factor in additional costs, such as shipping and framing, which can vary based on size, material, and distance.

  • If budget is tight, explore prints or works on paper, which tend to be more economical than original canvases.

Engaging with emerging artists could also provide a harmonious blend of acquiring meaningful art while maintaining budget-friendliness. Plus, it offers the rewarding experience of supporting artists in the early stages of their careers.

3. Ensure Authenticity: Original Artworks and Certifications

Acquiring art, especially original pieces, brings up the vital factor of authenticity. "If you're buying an original artwork, make sure that it's either signed by the artist or comes with a certificate of authenticity (COA)," says Kayla. This assurance of genuineness should be apparent in the details or description of the piece when buying online.

In sum, delving into the art world as a purchaser involves a fine balance between emotional connection, practical financial considerations, and ensuring the authenticity of the piece. By tethering your journey to these three pillars, your venture into art buying becomes a more structured and enriching experience.

Infusing Art into Everyday Living: An Intimate Affair

Kayla presents a gentle reminder of the timeless wisdom: Buy what you love, especially when it comes to art. Her insights revolve around the core belief that art should be a presence in our lives that stirs joy, inspiration, and a sense of connection.

Art as a Love Affair

"A love affair with art isn’t instantaneous," she muses. It’s about being patient, taking time, and ensuring that the pieces you select genuinely resonate with you. Especially for newcomers in the art-buying world, this process might extend over several months, ensuring they choose works that truly speak to them.

Beyond Immediate Gratification

Kayla addresses a common urge among many - the haste to fill empty wall spaces, particularly when moving into a new home. She proposes a counter-narrative: "Embrace the emptiness, because rushed choices might result in settling for artwork that doesn’t truly harmonize with your spirit." Rather than simply being items to fill a void, artworks should weave into the fabric of your everyday life, elevating each moment with inspiration and joy.

Living with Art

When selecting pieces, Kayla recommends envisioning a future with them. Will they continue to captivate and inspire you years down the line? The artwork you choose should be pieces you can “live” with, where each glance offers a fresh perspective, a burst of inspiration, or a tranquil moment.

Personal Connections

Knowing the story, understanding the message, and being familiar with the artist adds a personal touch that deepens your connection to the piece. Kayla emphasizes, "Having art in your home that carries a piece of the artist’s journey, or a narrative that is poignant to you, makes your living space a rich tapestry of stories and expressions."

In essence, integrating art into your everyday life transcends mere ownership. It’s about cultivating an environment where the art enriches your daily experiences, inspiring and connecting with you on a profound level. Kayla’s advice to readers thus boils down to a heartfelt suggestion: make your choices in art slow, deliberate, and always, always led by love and connection.


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