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Thank you for your interest in writing for Featuring Fabulous. We are a lifestyle guide for the modern soul. We cover the latest beauty trends, experiment with style, dish out delicious food recipes, offer modern ideas to spice up living spaces, explore healthy living, and encourage our readers to find their fabulous. 

Fabulousness is a state of mind as much as it is a look and an attitude. It's about being confident, taking control of your life, charting your own path, and living the life you want. And it's something that everyone can achieve.


We're happy you're here! We are excited to feature a wide range of writers with fresh voices and perspectives who are passionate about their craft, have great stories to tell, and are authorities or professional enthusiasts confident in writing on topics that our readers will enjoy.


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We are looking for passionate and talented writers and experts to create content for that will inspire our readers to find their fabulous and live their best lives.


CONTRIBUTORS: $25 per article. 

WRITERS: $50 tp $150 per article. 



We welcome you to submit your content to us as a contributor. If we think your article aligns with our brand, you will receive an email from one of our editors with feedback and further information about the editorial process.  Please note that submitting a story doesn’t guarantee payment. All contributors receive a flat non-negotiable $25 payment per published article. You will receive a payment within thirty (30) days after the article is published.



If we see that your articles are performing well on our site, you will be invited to become a writer.  As an official writer, you will receive access to the Writer's platform, where you will be able to submit pitches rather than complete stories and have the option to accept assignments. Payment ranges from $50 to $150 per article. The payment rate will be provided prior to writing the article. There is no negotiating pay rate. Different story formats come at different pay scales. Please note that submitting a story doesn’t guarantee payment. After writing the piece, the editors will review it. It isn’t until articles are officially published that you receive a payment within thirty (30) days after the article is published.

If you don’t hear from us within four weeks, after submitting your story, you can assume that we have decided to pass on your article. We value your time and creativity. An article may be rejected for so many different reasons. We encourage you to keep submitting articles to us anytime you have a story that you feel aligns with our brand.


Your article must be original and never have been published anywhere else. We do check and will not publish your article if we find it on another site or blog. You may not submit the article to other publications or use it for your blog once we publish your article on our site. 


Articles should be inspiring to our audience, educational, entertaining, or actionable. Readers must either finish the article and feel enlightened, entertained, encouraged to try something new, or be provided with the tools necessary to achieve said action to live a fabulous lifestyle. Please see ARTICLE GUIDELINES to learn more about our style and how to prepare your article for submission.

  • We do NOT accept previously published articles or blog posts.

  • We are interested in articles that are around 800 to 1200 words long.

  • We do not use "I" in articles; instead, we use "We." You are representing the Featuring Fabulous Lifestyle Guide and speaking as a collective in our brand voice. 

  • We love independent, luxury and designer brands. We feature big names, small brands with amazing products, and new discoveries. Stories such as "10 Indie Brands To Try In 2022" will spark our attention.

  • We don't like to use the words: cheap, thrifty, or frugal. Instead, we like: affordable, achievable, and accessible. 

  • We do not support MLM companies and will not publish or promote any products that are sold by MLMs. Don't even think about it. 

  • We do not accept articles about NFTs or Cryptocurrency.


Our goal is to provide a space that celebrates every face and body, creates community, and empowers our readers to find their fabulous through the content we share. We are looking for stories that cover beauty trends, offer product recommendations, are informative, and give insight into healthy living. ​As with all our content, we’re looking for stories that empower our readers to find their fabulous.

We solicit and publish:

  • Product Recommendations 

  • How-To Guides

  • Checklists & Cheat Sheets

  • Listicles

  • Case Studies



We are interested in sharing beauty stories for every face and body shape. Beauty covers hair, skin, and makeup by taking a deep dive into products’ ingredients lists and using expert intel and new research to explain the science behind how and why they work. We want the best tips on how to look and feel good. 




We want to be a resource for all our reader's outfit ideas and inspiration. We want to share the latest fashion trends and offer advice on seasonal trends, closet staples, athleisure, and everything in-between. We love stories about up-and-coming designers as well as established brands.  


  • Fashion 

  • Accessories

  • Designers On The Rise - Interview Series


We are looking for discerning individuals who are chefs and true foodies that are passionate about food and have a strong discerning palate. We want you to be a resource for our readers so that they can learn about new and interesting foods from all over the world.

We are looking for writers who are home decor exwriters that can provide great tips and ideas on everything from furniture placement to color schemes. Whether you're a whiz at DIY projects or you have a knack for finding the perfect piece of art, we want to hear from your fresh, new ideas.




We take Wellness seriously, especially mental health. When writing about mental health, we prefer that you be a licensed medical professional who can dispense this type of information accurately or interview experts in the field. Healthy eating tips should be thoroughly researched. We only publish wellness articles that include expert intel, through research, and/or real-life experience. We do NOT publish stories that are overly medical, diagnostic, or fear-mongering.





Please go ahead and fill out the form below.  You will need to upload your article as a DOC File. If you are submitting images, you can upload up to three images separately. If you have more images, please let us know in the notes section, and we will send you an email with a link to where to submit additional photos. Please note that all images submitted must be authorized by the owner to be used on our site. Please provide the photographers' information so that we credit them. We reserve the right to use our own images with your article if we see fit. 

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