Your Energetic Weather Report: Using Astrology to Explore Layers of Influence

Contributed By - Regyna Curtis | Founder of Atmaitri

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Layers of influence. What does this mean? We talk about our sphere of influence in our business or social circles. But what influences us?

This article isn't about conditioning, although there are many ways to explore influence from that perspective. I'm referring to the landscape that exists as our internal programming dances through the ever-changing external world.

We have a blueprint that exists within us, and it can be explored through many modalities or "lenses," as I like to call them. Some are science-based, and others are more spiritual. The realm of self-development arguably exists somewhere at the intersection of these two spheres. The term I like to use for this is Soul Wisdom.

Soul Wisdom is our authentic way of knowing how we receive and process information and how we express and implement it. You can examine your Soul Wisdom through various lenses to access information from your blueprint. For instance, you may have your natal chart created to examine how the various Zodiac archetypes show up in your personality. You can stop there if that satisfies your curiosity. Yet there are many deeper layers to explore here. As you discover the language of astrology—meaning both the vocabulary used and the symbols and charts—you reveal what I like to think of as an energetic weather system.

The metaphor I use is this: I love the rain. I love being outside in it and don't mind getting wet. I hardly ever carry an umbrella or wear a rain jacket. My partner does not like getting wet and will carry an umbrella if there is the slightest chance of rain. She prefers to watch the rain from inside, although she's fascinated by its presence.

Suppose I now take this into the astrology metaphor again. In that case, these tendencies—or what I would call our ways of being—can be explained by exploring our natal chart. I have a lot of earth energy (planets that are considered earth signs) in my chart and a distinct lack of water signs—especially in my personal planets. This draws me towards water as I'm thirsty for more water—energetically speaking. My partner has dominant fire energy, and water destroys fire but nourishes the earth. This explanation is just one bit of information in a vast treasure trove of wisdom, but even this alone can be beneficial for understanding our tendencies.

Now for the weather report. When we need to be outdoors, we can reference a weather report which will help us determine how to most joyfully—or at least contently—experience our day. If there is to be rain, I can choose whether or not to bring rain gear, and so can my partner. There may be days when she may choose not to go out at all, while I may actually alter my plans to take a leisurely walk out in the rain. The point is that first, by knowing and honoring our preferences. Second, by having a tool to help us make the decision supportive of those preferences, we are empowered to act in alignment with what is in our best interest.

Now—could I come to these conclusions without the help of astrology? Of course. However, I am using a very simple and tangible example on purpose to illustrate the dynamic relationship between our internal and external influences and how we can use tools to help us navigate the landscape created as they interact.

Let's take this deeper. What I am explaining here with Astrology can be applied to multiple lenses—different modalities for examining and learning about your design (ways of knowing)—and how to best navigate the outside world—your ways of being.

Energetically speaking, astrology is a tool that can help you understand both your preferences and how to determine what to expect or look out for as we navigate our daily lives. This can help you not only understand what to avoid or uncertain days but also when the timing is ripe for adventure and most supportive of planting a new seed, having a conversation, or taking steps towards building a dream.

There are so many amazing tools available to help us understand both the influence we have naturally in the world and what is influencing our decisions and actions as we navigate the external world. Some will resonate with you, and others will not. That is okay! Start by exploring the ones that do.


About the Author:

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Regyna Curtis is a soul wisdom mentor, soul-sourced business strategist, speaker, art channel, and internationally bestselling author on the subjects of spirituality and creativity.

With over 40 years of experience living as an intuitive being, Regyna has achieved fluency in the language of her soul.

She is an expert in interpreting soul wisdom languages and empowering entrepreneurs to align with their cycles and rhythms, allowing them to create and sustain their business in authentically soul-aligned ways.

She is a sought-after podcast guest, blog contributor, workshop facilitator, founder of her soul-led business Atmaitri, host of the Soul Wisdom Exchange vodcast, and an enthusiastic world traveler.

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