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Linen: A Summer Classic Fabric

By - Luis Pena

As summer begins to creep up and the heat rises, thoughts turn toward clothing that won't leave us warm and sweaty by midday. There's a reason linen fashion makes it to the top of every "summer must-have" list out there. With linen, you can have it all; the comfort and fit of a t-shirt and the sophisticated look of your best dress shirt. Linen is a quality fabric and is considered a luxury item that is well worth the price tag. Let's look at why it should forever be the go-to piece in our summer wardrobe.

What is Linen

Linen is a natural fabric made from the long, strong fibers found in the stem of the flax plant that has been used for thousands of years. The linen thread is spun into coarse yarn and woven or knitted into fabric to make linen clothing, tablecloths, towels, bed sheets, and more.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, dating back tens of thousands of years. Linen was created most notably in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. This fabric was so important to these ancient civilizations that it became integral to their ritual ceremonies and religious practices.

Why We Love Linen

It's lightweight, breathable, and naturally cool in the summer — it's as if nature made this fabric just for those hot days when you need extra comfort! There are many kinds of linen, from crisp white shirts to flowy dresses in pastel colors and everything in between. Whatever your style preference, there's something perfect for everyone this season!

Linen can be casual or dressy but always looks effortlessly stylish. And it only gets better as it ages; the more you wear and wash it, the softer the fabric becomes while retaining its shape and texture. Linen clothing has been worn by people all over the world for thousands of years because of how durable and comfortable it is. It's easy to see why linen is such a popular summer fabric.

How to Care for Linen

Linen does have a drawback; it wrinkles fast! Be sure to take it out of the dryer in time, and hang it on a hanger. For a wrinkle-free look, linen is incredibly easy to iron, and you can use a high heat setting on your flat iron if needed.

How to Wear Linen in Summer

You can find linen in a variety of pieces to wear during the summer: dresses, skirts, shorts, blazers, shirts, and jackets. Linen is very popular as a material for beachwear. The most common color for linen clothing is beige or white; however, you can also find it in bright colors and bold prints.

There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing linen. Because it's made from natural fibers and is usually loose-fitting, the material tends to wrinkle easily. So, if ironing isn't your thing, you may want to steer clear of this fabric or limit it to items like beach cover-ups that don't require much upkeep. Let's not forget the sheerness of some linen. So, when putting on those stylish white linen pants or that pastel-colored top, don't forget to layer it over a tasteful bra or some comfy Spanx.

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