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Hello Hibiscus: The Next Hottest Flavor Trend of 2022

By - Victoria Harris

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Are you looking to indulge in a picturesque, refreshing, and delicious drink? Then keep reading! Tropical hibiscus flowers are the next big thing in the food and cocktail industry. Originating in the Pacific Islands and Asia, hibiscus can be found in many different color variations. Among the most popular in the culinary world is the bright and luxurious magenta-colored flower. Its hue and aroma elevate any dish or drink and take them to the next level. Hibiscus is tart in flavor, almost cranberry-like, with both sweet and earthy undertones. These flavors pair lovely with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and mint if looking for a fresh and balanced fusion.

As a fabulous individual, it’s equally important to keep up with your health and wellbeing. Drinking hibiscus tea and cocktails or infusing hibiscus into recipes is not only trendy but also health-promoting. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and anthocyanin. These properties help to enhance the skin’s ability to stay hydrated, retain moisture, and create softer, brighter skin. In addition to improving your complexion, studies have shown that incorporating hibiscus into your diet can have anti-inflammatory effects and promote weight loss. This is not a green light to ditch your healthy diet and exercise regimen, but incorporating more hibiscus into your daily sips and eats can benefit you.

If looking to incorporate hibiscus into your spring and summer rotation, look no further. Dried hibiscus flowers or tea can be found at many specialty grocery stores or markets. Simply steep the dried flowers or tea into water, coconut milk, or cream to infuse your dish. Hibiscus can also be found as a powder and an extract. Add powder or extract to smoothies, sorbet, and baked goods for a more prominent hibiscus flavor and hue.

Infusing and cooking not your cup of tea? Take a peek at these ready-to-drink hibiscus beverages. Start your morning off with a Blackberry Hibiscus Chia Beverage ($50.99 for 12), a vitality drink that doubles as a breakfast on the go.

For a midday spritzer, try Pomegranate Hibiscus Sparkling Drinks ($39.99 for 8), a light and refreshing beverage infused with organic hibiscus flowers, broad-spectrum CBD, and American ginseng.

For our gut-healthy gals, try Hibiscus Healer Kombucha ($34 for 9), a fusion of hibiscus, cranberry, and blueberry flavors.

Lastly, if looking to serve a cocktail at your next girls’ night, shake up Hibiscus-Mint-Lemon Botanical Syrup ($14.00 per bottle) with your favorite spirit or pour a glass of organic Hibiscus Cucumber Sparkling Wine ($64.99 for 6). Cheers!

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