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5 Great Reasons to Include Wool in Your Wardrobe

By - Christian Walldorff

Humans have been using wool for millennia, and for good reason. It's an exceptionally durable material that can be made into clothing, artwork, blankets, and much more. In the modern-day, the wearing of wool is not as common because of synthetics and cheap-to-produce fabrics, but people are missing out. There are tons of reasons to wear wool; especially in the fashion industry, where there is a distinct lack of apparel that serves a purpose other than to just look good. Why not get the best of both worlds with a timeless classic? Here are five reasons why you should definitely be wearing wool.

Wool Sweaters

Wool Looks Good and is Fashionably Versatile

Few modern materials capture the organic vibe, as well as wool, does. A sweater or cardigan is perfect for casual occasions, but if one is after a more elegant appearance, delicate merino wool can be made into a very charming outfit. Hats, gloves, socks, and scarves are all great choices for the winter, but don’t be fooled; thin wool shirts absolutely have a place in the summer months as well.

Merino Wool Sweaters

Wool Wicks Away Moisture and is Antimicrobial

A sweat-stained cotton t-shirt is quite unflattering, as is a smelly polyester one. With wool, neither of these will be a problem. It pulls moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter. This wicking also prevents the bacteria from building up in damp parts of the fabric and keeps you smelling lovely.

Wool is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Whether it comes from sheep, rabbits, or alpaca wool is biodegradable and does not take a massive toll on the environment with its production. Synthetics like polyester, spandex, and acrylic are made from fossil fuels and spend decades in the landfill. Not to mention they leech microplastics into the environment when washed. With wool, not only do you need to wash it less, but it is also far easier to repair and repurpose into other products than synthetics.

Wool Yarn

Wool is Fire and Water-Resistant

Be it a dinner party with a small patio fire or a massive country bonfire, you should be looking fabulous. Perhaps you like to play in the fire or sit back and watch the flames dance, but either way, you want to be wearing wool. Even a small ember can melt irreparable holes in synthetic garments and leave molten plastic on your skin. Wool will not burn nearly as fast, nor will it react with heat to create a napalm-like substance. Wool also keeps insulating you if it gets wet, so if that country bonfire suddenly turns into a country storm, rest assured that your wool will wring out quickly and still keep you warm.

Wool is Durable and Multi-Use

Cheap fabrics and common fashion wear frequently have short lifespans and lack reliability. They often have limited uses as well, so sudden plan changes can be made difficult by improper clothing choices. For example, if a brunch turns into an afternoon stroll, why not have clothing that can do both? Wool is perfect for this because it is stylish, durable, and practical. Whether the afternoon walk is chilly, hot, drizzly, or past gangly briars, wool is good for all of it.

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