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Welcome to Featuring Fabulous Living - your gateway to a vibrant and engaged audience seeking the best of fabulous living in Los Angeles and beyond. We offer a diverse range of promotional opportunities to help you connect with our enthusiastic community and showcase your business, products, or services in the most compelling way. Join us as we celebrate life's dazzling moments and embark on an exciting journey of advertisement!




Our audience at Featuring Fabulous Living is a diverse and enthusiastic community embracing their unique fabulousness. From chic trendsetters in Los Angeles to dreamers across the United States, they seek inspiration, empowerment, and joy in life's extraordinary moments. With insatiable curiosity and a love for enchanting experiences, they cherish authentic connections and insightful discussions. Together, we celebrate life's dazzling moments and empower our readers to unleash their fabulous selves, making their mark on the world.


We take pride in offering a delightful array of advertising opportunities that perfectly align with your brand. Our creative professionals are here to craft a bespoke marketing package that speaks directly to your target audience. Whether you're looking for a one-off campaign or an ongoing series of advertisements, discover a myriad of options to elevate your brand's presence and captivate our engaged community:


City Vibes: Promote your events, grand openings, or special occasions in our "City Vibes" section. Reach a local audience and let them know about your latest happenings, whether it's a trendy fashion show, an exclusive restaurant launch, or an art exhibition that can't be missed. Your event will be featured alongside captivating content that celebrates the essence of living fabulously in Los Angeles.

Hot Properties: For real estate professionals, our "Hot Properties" section is the perfect platform to showcase exquisite homes and unique spaces. Feature your listings in this section, allowing potential buyers to discover their dream homes amidst a wealth of engaging lifestyle content.

Social Media Posts: Harness the power of our social media presence to elevate your brand visibility. We offer sponsored posts and collaborations on our various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Connect with our engaged audience and extend your reach through visually captivating and targeted promotional posts.

Newsletter Promos: Our newsletter is a cherished resource for our readers, delivering captivating content directly to their inbox. Take advantage of this opportunity by featuring your business or special offers in our newsletters. Capture the attention of our subscribers and drive traffic to your website or events.

Advertorials: Unleash the potential of your products or services by being featured in our "Fabulous Finds & Hidden Gems." Collaborate with us to create engaging advertorials or sponsored articles that seamlessly blend with our content. Present your brand in a way that sparks joy and resonates with our readers.

Sponsored Giveaways: Engage our audience with exciting sponsored giveaways. Showcase your products or services through contests or exclusive offers, creating a buzz and fostering excitement around your brand.

Collaborative Events: Team up with Featuring Fabulous to host collaborative events, workshops, or experiences. Benefit from our engaged audience, and together, create unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression.

Banner Ads and Displays: Place eye-catching banner ads and displays strategically on our website to capture the attention of our readers. These visually appealing advertisements will be seamlessly integrated into our content, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Creative Advertising Solutions: At Featuring Fabulous Living, we're open to exploring creative advertising solutions that align with our brand identity and mission. Let's collaborate to craft custom advertisements, brand integrations, or sponsored content that showcases the unique essence of your business.


For inquiries about our advertising opportunities or to discuss tailor-made solutions for your business, please fill out the form below. Let's celebrate life's fabulousness together and inspire our audience through your extraordinary offerings!

Please Note: All promotional opportunities are subject to review and alignment with our brand values. We aim to provide our readers with genuine, valuable content that enhances their fabulous living experience. Let's embark on a fabulous journey of advertisement and captivate our audience with the magic of your brand!

Thank You!We'll be in touch soon.

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